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Coffee Subscription Available

Cot's Peak Coffee Blend

All profits invested in the next generation!

  • Choose Bi-Weekly or Monthly

  • 12oz. Bag or 2lb. Bag 

  • We ship to you OR you can pick up at Cot's Peak Coffee

  • (On mobile) Swipe left for more size options 


Our Coffee


At Cot's Peak Coffee, all our coffee is roasted fresh on site in collaboration with Basalt Coffee Roasters. we are passionate about all things coffee, from the sourcing of our beans to the roasting process and beyond. Our coffee is made from the highest quality beans, which are carefully hand-selected by our team of experienced coffee connoisseurs. We believe that everyone deserves a great cup of coffee, which is why we offer a range of subscription options for our customers. Come and experience the difference yourself! All Cot's Peak Coffee is roasted fresh on site in collaboration with Basalt Coffee Roasters and served at our coffee shop. 


Meet Our Roaster

At Cot's Peak Coffee, we have a passion for serving our community the best possible coffee experience. Meet our Roaster, Henrik, who is the creative force behind our beautiful coffee shop. His attention to detail ensures that every cup of coffee is crafted to perfection.


Free Local Pick-Up 

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