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Welcome to Cot's Peak Coffee, where our coffee and bagels are as unique as the mountain we're named after. Located at the base of Cleman Mountain, our shop offers locals the chance to enjoy a challenge, gain new perspectives, and savor delicious treats. Whether you're gazing from the base or scaling the rugged heights, Cot's Peak is a place where you can witness the beauty of God's creation and taste the Lord's blessings.

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Why Cot's Peak?

When deciding on a name, we wanted something that was local, meaningful, and memorable. So to honor the town of Naches, while also reflecting our values, we settled on Cot's Peak Coffee.  On the ridge of Cleman Mountain, Cot's Peak is the tallest point, inviting challenge, perspective, and enjoyment for the locals and adventures alike.  We soon discovered the peak is names after a local Naches man, Otto "Cot" Knight.  His family tells it this way: 

Born and raised in Naches area, Otto "Cot" Knight loved living, working, and hiking, its beautiful hills.  No one was a stranger to him and he was a true friend.  Because he has apricot colored hair, he was nicknamed "Cot".

Otto has a passion for hiking the trail behind his house at the bottom of Mount Clemens.  He could be found on the trail at least three times a week.  It was so contagious that his wife, Genevieve, and many of his friends rallied for a cup of coffee before joining him on the day's trek up the hill.  Upon his death, a plaque was handcrafted by his friends and placed on the peak at the trail's end. It commemorated Otto and established Cot's Peak for others to remember and enjoy. 

Otto survived by his three sons Ken, Roger, and Robert.  His grandsons continue to live and work in the orchard he planted!


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